Systems Solutions

Systems Solutions

Reliability based on comprehensive services

We are dedicated to anticipating the ever changing consumer needs and to be the first to propose innovative possibilities for the usage of space. We build coherent solutions systems from sales, development, designing to production, construction and after-sales services based on our flexible ideas and precise analyses of needs.


Flexible response based on ample product knowledge

Concerning our sales structure, we have set up offices across the nation in order to instantly respond to customer needs. We deploy innovative solutions with flexible ideas that are never limited to the common purposes of products. We are also engaged in proposing unique utilization methods at shops and parking spaces based on locality information.

We will collect relative data and understand your needs in no time and provide you with proposals that meet your aims and needs.


Creating future-oriented innovative products based on our ability for fine technology validation

In our development section, product development is carried out in coordination with the sales and production sections based on the deliberation and investigation by the development section of technologies that will comply with the expected needs surmised from market trends and social backgrounds.


Embodying a wide range of needs by seeking the optimal structure based on top-level technology

In the design section, structural calculation, programing of parking systems and system designing of control equipment are executed. Balancing quality, cost and delivery-time, we derive the optimal customer-driven design.


Reliable production system built on thorough site management

In the production section, we manufacture material with steady quality by thoroughly controlled processes and deliver them to the construction site with great care.

We are the only prefabricated houses manufacturer in Japan that manufactures its own building material.

For improving plant productivity, we manufacture our own building material such as roof panels (Nissei Roof and Nissei Fresh Roof) and Urethane insulation panels (Nissei Fresh Board).


Speedy and safe construction leveraging the features of
prefabricated houses

Because we assemble standardized construction materials at site, we are able to materialize high-quality construction that is not influenced by worker ability. Also, with such construction method, work load at site is reduced and the work safety is improved.

Quality Assurance

Quality amelioration and improvement system as
an ISO9001 certified company in Japan

At our customer center, in addition to responding to inquiries on products, information from in-and-out our company is collected. The center functions to drive sound investigations into determining causes and to promote swift response. Our company obtained the ISO9001 certification in the year 2000. We focus on materializing reliable quality.


Safety support with swift and detail-oriented responses

"As a parking system manufacturer, we execute the maintenance and emergency response for parking systems with a nation-wide network system.In addition, we apply the results from such activities to product development and refinement for quality improvement."