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We aim at being the pioneer invokes the possibilities of space

Proposing not only effective utilization of space but also value-adding ideas that vitalize towns.

Parking Structure (Multi-storey Car Park)

Creating next generation parking structure systems with unique ideas and technology At the time when tower-type parking structures were regarded most commonly as vertical circulating structures, based on our unique technology, we developed parking structures with vehicle lifts which is regarded as today's standard. We continued to provide unique products to the market such as forward loading and unloading multi-storey car parks. By 1999, we obtained the highest share in the Japan market regarding the accumulated total of installation record. In addition, being one of the few listed manufacturers in Japan with its own production plant, our company holds an overwhelming proportion of sales for parking structures with ramps. We achieved such success by leveraging our know-how build up over the years through our house building as a comprehensive manufacturer.